Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 3: 37 PP

Posted by Boogbite
I'd be having some serious doubts about these high daily points totals if I hadn't successfully completed a Whole30 in the past. Starting to feel somewhat guilty (though I know today was so high in part because I ate an entire avocado at dinner - 12 pp, that's nuts!)

Breakfast was my usually mix of fresh fruit and nuts for 7 pp. Lunch was last nights leftovers again, I was complimented in the lunch room for my healthy meals. I do not miss the days of lean cuisines or turkey on a sandwich thin and a 100 calorie pack. 

For dinner tonight I made one of my Paleo faves: a baked stuff sweet potato topped with ground beef (seasoned with my own taco mix), salsa, a pile of guac, and some jalapeños. ¡Que rico!



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