Thursday, November 27, 2014

Paleo or Points?

Posted by Boogbite
I'm 36 years old and have spent my adult years struggling with my weight (half my life!). The two most successful programs I've attempted are Weight Watchers (multiple times on and off for 18 years) and most recently Whole30.

While the points system was successful for me, I never found it sustainable. I have always struggled with the idea that it was acceptable to eat chips and fettuccini alfredo when trying to teach yourself how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Where WW focuses on portion sizes, Whole30 is centered on putting whole, unprocessed, healthy foods in your body. No sugar, no alcohol, limited carbs. Many view this as more restrictive, but for me it actually allowed more freedom. During my first Whole30 I experienced a detox period of about one week and beyond that I truly felt more free. Free from the dependency of sugar cravings, free from writing everything I ate down. Sure it was hard to give up dessert, and cream in my coffee. But the tradeoff was that I ate when I wanted and how much I needed to feel sustained.

This blog is not to persuade you to follow one diet or another. It's simply to satisfy my curiosity about quantity and quality of food. I've completed one Whole30 (was a Whole45 in fact) and I've on-and-off followed the principles for the past 6 months. My second Whole30 will begin the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and I will detail here everything I eat, including the Weight Watchers Points Plus values. I'm curious as to how many points I will consume daily during my Whole30 and how that reflects on the scale at the end.

Thanks for reading. Happy Thanksgiving!


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