What is WWhole30?

WWhole30 is the brainchild of a recent discussion between my husband and I about the two most successful diets I've been on. "I really like you better on the Paleo diet than I did counting points", he mused as I told him I was about to embark on my second round.

We discussed the plans differences, and both he and I agreed that I tended to be less obsessive on Whole30 than I was the numerous times on Weight Watchers. Though many see Whole30 as restrictive than most diets, I found that it actually allows much more freedom. Within the parameters of their food list (restricting sugar, grains, soy, alcohol, and dairy to name a few things), I am able to eat when I want and as much as I want to feel satisfied.

WWhole30 is me documenting my second Whole30 through an additional lens. I will be calculating Weight Watchers Points Plus values for everything I eat this time around. I am not, however, doing both programs simultaneously. I will count points, but I am not limiting myself to the 26 that I would be given if following the Weight Watchers program. It's simply for documentation/comparison purposes.

Why do this? After attempting Weight Watchers many times over a decade a half, and more recently adhering to a modified Paleo diet, I am curious as to how the two differ in quality and quantity. People are drawn to Weight Watchers because it allows you to eat whatever you want, so as you stay within a caloric-range for your height and age. I believe it has such a low long-term success rate because while there is a focus on portion sizes, it doesn't require the dieter to examine his/her food choices. Thus making it easier for the average weight watcher to fall back into his/her old habits upon completion of the program (if they ever get that far, which I never did).

I've lost about the same amount of weight on both programs, but so far I have a far higher opinion of Whole30, mainly for the awareness I have gained in the 5 months since completing my first (a Whole45 that time) and how that has affected me long term. I've kept the majority of the weight off that I lost during my Whole45, because I've become more critical of the food I eat and am far less likely to consume processed junk.

With Whole30, I choose avocados, grassfed beef, bananas, and cashews over 100 calorie packs, Fiber One bars, and Lean Cuisines. It's a much more logical approach to eating, and much more satisfying for the dieter (after the initial sugar-detox phase).

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