Sunday, November 30, 2014


Posted by Boogbite
Here are the self-inflicted rules of my program. I'm following the Whole30 for the next 30 days (yes, I'm aware and excited about that including Christmas). For those not familiar with Whole30, it means is that I'll be eating a lot of meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, and healthy fats. No sugar, no alcohol, no grains. No soy or dairy. Basically nothing out of a box or that's been processed.

I'll also be tracking the Points Plus Weight Watchers values for everything I eat. WW would allow me 26 daily points and 49 weekly points at my starting weight. (33 daily if dividing the weeklies evenly). This is simply for comparison purposes, I am not limiting myself to the allowed points totals.

My prediction is that I will go over my daily points goals, as I'll be eating more high-calorie high-fat (high nutrition!) food. This in contrast from the low-fat "diet food" eaten as staples when on Weight Watchers. No 100 calorie packs, no two-point Fiber One bars. It will be interesting to see just how imbalanced these programs are. Or perhaps not! Maybe without grains and sugar my point totals will still add up to around my daily goal.

I'm also following the Whole30 rule of not weighing myself until the last day, rather than weekly as promoted by WW.

Some of you think I'm crazy to be doing this over the holidays. But I'm looking forward to my Whole30 Christmas, have already started to plan my feast. Check back later to see what day one's totals looked like!


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